An abundant variety of homemade and gourmet goodies

The best for your home.


All of our secrets, perfectly packaged for your enjoyment.

We also offer a wide variety of unique, local, and transformed items to ensure the best level of quality and freshness for you.

At Dany’s Pantry, we do our best to make the earth a better place.

With a no-waste kitchen in place, all our homemade products are thoughtfully produced and repurposed to extend their longevity in the tastiest way possible.

Lastly, we choose to work with as many Canadian and Quebec suppliers to provide you with a variety of additional Dany-approved products, from poultry to spices.

All our warm breads and pastries are baked every morning for ultimate freshness.

Who is Dany?

Originally from Rimouski, Dany Bolduc is chef-owner of the H4C restaurant in St-Henri since it’s opening in 2013. His techniques which were Initially influenced by French cuisine, are now unique, precise, signed and they are pushed forward at all times with the members of his brigade

Dany Bolduc

Unparalleled authenticity, his heart is in every decision made.

His cuisine is greatly influenced by his multiple trips around the world. From India to Japan, going through France, England, Mexico or Peru, it is the flavors, the smells, the ingredients and the colors of all these experiences that Chef Bolduc tells the tale of on his plates.

Discover Dany
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